Reflection: Student Ownership Making Inferences about Brutus and Portia - Section 2: Groups Analyze Brutus' and and Portia's Speeches


In these three lessons, students work with Shakespeare's language back to back, helping each other to become more and more fluent with paraphrasing what he is writing and understanding how these notes add up to character and theme insights.  Typically, these types of lessons are multiplied in a ELA reading of Shakespeare, but I am pushing the students, here at the end of the year, to do a rhetorical reading of the text, and that will require spending less time on breadth of coverage and more time drilling into key texts.  That said, I want to make sure that their ears are "tuned up" to Shakespeare when we reach Brutus' and Antony's speeches in Act 3, scene 2, so I am using these three lessons to build the students' abilities  to read the language with a minimum of frustration and assistance.

As such, I do believe that the students are showing strong progress toward our goal.  They seem to be more and more ready to move through the text smoothly.  They seem to be able to create relevant summarizing comments and insightful questions in the comment notes that they are leaving on their google notes page.  I'm still not too sure that doing this online will ultimately be a good idea.  In one sense, the book is free to use, so I don't feel as compelled to cover ALL of it, but in another sense, we are cutting and pasting text a lot, so I will be looking to see how this all aggregates on their unit test and semester exam.

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Making Inferences about Brutus and Portia

Unit 11: Analyzing Rhetoric in Julius Caesar and Contemporary Speeches
Lesson 7 of 16

Objective: SWBAT generate character inferences on Brutus and Portia by reading and discussing their speeches in small groups

Big Idea: This more typical work with Shakespeare sets the stage for rhetorical reading in Act 3, scene 2.

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brutus and portia in riverside shakespeare
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