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This is one of the adjustments I have made over the 13 years I have been teaching. In the past, I would have had the students write a book report and present it to the class.  Now, using digital technology to record the students, they get to sit back and enjoy the reports.  The use of technology made the reports high interest and all of the students were anxiously watching the videos.  I feel they learned more and paid closer attention to the digital reports as opposed to the traditional book report presentations.

  Traditional Vs. Digital
  Adjustments to Practice: Traditional Vs. Digital
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Biographies: Celebration!

Unit 13: The Story of My Life - Biographies
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Objective: SWBAT take notes on the biographies we read in class focusing on the important details. Students will also present, through video, their biography reports from the videos they created. .

Big Idea: As we continue our biography unit, we will be practicing our note taking skills. But more importantly - today our biographies come alive through the use of technology. We will be enjoying the the video presentations created by the students.

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English / Language Arts, Research and Technology, technology in education, non-fiction (Reading), research, biography, technology, informational text
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biographies celebration
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