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What I have noticed other the years is that Halloween isn't just for October. Kids love anything Halloween or "scary" all year long. I use holiday stories to ignite interest and to get kids motivated to learn the skill and be able to explain it. Even though it may not be the holiday season, using the stories from that time of year can get kids excited about learning and talking about it.

  It doesn't have to be Halloween to read a Halloween story
  Intrinsic Motivation: It doesn't have to be Halloween to read a Halloween story
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Geopuzzle Sort & Count

Unit 3: Sorting & Classifying
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT sort, count and record the number of shapes by building a puzzle and sorting, counting and recording the pieces.

Big Idea: Kinders need repeated exposure to shapes and the visual experience of how they work together to build larger shapes and pictures.

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