Reflection: Performance Tasks Sorting Any Way You Like It! - Section 4: Independent Practice


The best assessment you can give a kid is having them perform the task for you. Not only have them perform, but have them explain their thinking and ask extension questions. It's important that kids be able to explain what they are doing, why, and answer questions attached to the task. You want to ask critical thinking questions that require thought and explanation, not just a yes and no answer. This kind of assessing only takes a few minutes and allows you to really grasp who gets the concept and who doesn't.

  Performance Tasks: Make them show you!
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Sorting Any Way You Like It!

Unit 3: Sorting & Classifying
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT sort objects by color, size or kind or a combination and explain their thinking by sorting a container of mixed objects.

Big Idea: Kindergartners like autonomy and this is one lesson where they get to call the shots. The goal of this lesson is for them to be able to explain how they sorted the objects (MP3).

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