Reflection: Student Ownership What, Where, When, How - Section 2: Put it into Action


This student work sample is from the "Organization Challenge" which asks students to work with different graphic organizers to make sense of a list of mathematical terms. I'm including it because it shows how this activity not only helps my students learn about some of the tools I have available in class but also because it gives me some insight into where my students are conceptually.  This team actually added a "bubble" to the diagram to include expressions as the precursor to functions while most of the other teams put the two together.  They also did a nice job of filling in the lines between each bubble with very brief, but acceptable descriptions.  Since this was a team activity, it was interesting to learn over time that one student was particularly strong in his understanding and confidence mathematically while the other partner needed more support when working independently.

  Student Ownership: How students think!
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What, Where, When, How

Unit 1: First Week!
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Objective: SWBAT explain the process of collaboration, and materials for Algebra ll.

Big Idea: Give your students the tools they need to be successful...then just step back and let them work!

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