Reflection: All About My Apple - Section 2: Guided Practice


This lesson was created for my intersession review class, and I really wanted hands-on practice with numbers around an apple theme.  I have since improved the lesson, though!  (I think...)

I have included height in the measuring!  It's a great opportunity to practice those smaller (0-5) numbers that we're reviewing.  Please check out the short video to see how including height works in the lesson.

The only bad thing to another way to measure apples is possibly, a need for another big helper.  If you're one of those lucky teachers who has her team of volunteers, put them to work for this activity!  For the rest of us, though, this activity can present a challenge in terms of getting adult support.

In the worst case situation, if you have ONLY yourself in your classroom, you could break the activity up over a few days, just doing one type of measuring each day.  It would take longer overall, but it would only take a small chunk of time each day, and the kids have so much fun working with their apples and reviewing their numbers!  I'm guessing that it would be worth the time and planning to break this lesson up, if needed.

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All About My Apple

Unit 3: 0-5 Number Review
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT practice using numbers to record the weight, height, circumference, and number of seeds in an apple.

Big Idea: During apple season, there is no better way to review numbers (and secretly preview measurement) than by having students investigate all about an apple! This hands-on activity allows students to use numbers in a fun, meaningful way.

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