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The goal of the day was to help students put themselves in a place where they are ready to jump into the final writing assignment, a speech/talk. The two activities, the TED talk and free write, were mainly working to get them mentally prepared. The quick poll revealed that a good number of students still to work on making a final decision. I did not ask if any of them still have no idea. This is because I do not want to make much room for that possibility at this point, at least not publicly. I actually expect to have a few students who will begin writing and change their mind in the middle of the first draft, which is not the worst thing to happen. Writing, after all, is a process of thinking and if they decide to abandon a working idea for a better one in the middle of the process, I happily support that move. However, letting them know that right now will just encourage procrastination and I need them thinking right now. This student is still not sure of her topic at the end of the period today, and she actually ends up writing about something completely different. This is all she was able to write today.

  Accountability: Deciding On A Topic
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One More TED Talk As Final Source of Inspiration

Unit 11: Speech/Talk
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT decide on a topic for their final writing assignment by looking at a good model and brainstorming.

Big Idea: A good model can spark good work.

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