Reflection: Trust and Respect Peer Review Expository Essay - Section 2: Peer Review Session


I've really been concentrating on peer review effectiveness a lot this year. I like this article, though it is aimed at college instructors.

My struggle is grouping and partnering students. I want them to have choices, so that they'll feel comfortable enough with their partner to share writing  that, at times, can be personal. I also want them to feel they can trust me to give them those choices, so that they'll be more engaged and more willing to work.

On the other hand, students are not willing to criticize their friend's writing. My gut tells me I need to group my students by ability level, to honor their self-efficacy. Too often I have a very gifted writer, who pairs himself or herself with a struggling writer and nobody benefits when there is a large discrepancy; the struggling writer doesn't understand all of the nuances of the good writing, while the advanced writer doesn't want to hurt feelings.

I've also considered having the same partners all year long, so they are comfortable with each other, yet may not be friends.

What are your thoughts on grouping?


  Trust and Respect: Partners
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Peer Review Expository Essay

Unit 3: Exposition and Expository Writing
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT work with peers to evaluate each other's writing.

Big Idea: This Exposition stuff is hard; good thing students have friends to help them out!

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