Reflection: Student Ownership The Princess and the Beggar: Day 2 - Section 3: Self-Assessments


   Although student self-assessments were reflective and somewhat detailed, I should have asked questions to see how students plan their next steps towards improvement.  Adding an interview or student conference piece to the self-assessment would have given more insight on student perspectives.

  Student Ownership: Self-Assessments
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The Princess and the Beggar: Day 2

Unit 9: Shared Inquiry Discussion 2
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT participate in thoughtful dialogue and open debate driven by an interpretive question.

Big Idea: How are interpretive questions incorporated into shared inquiry discussions ? Students learn to analyze complex text by linking their thoughts to others' perspectives.

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English / Language Arts, interpetive questions, shared inquiry discussion, rubric, Self, interpretive questions, shared inquiry
  60 minutes
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