Reflection: Student Ownership The Princess and the Beggar: Day 1 - Section 4: Sharing Out


     Student feedback are great sources of formative assessments.  Students were asked to self-assess as well as to assess their partners.  I could have made this process more effective by asking students how they could have improved their partnership and develop next steps in getting to their goal.  It might even be effective to pair students with the same partner for a period of time to see if these improvements can be achieved with time.

  Detailed Feedback
  Student Ownership: Detailed Feedback
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The Princess and the Beggar: Day 1

Unit 9: Shared Inquiry Discussion 2
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT develop interpretive questions.

Big Idea: How do interpretive questions develop flexibility in students' thinking processes and inspire them to analyze ideas critically ?

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English / Language Arts, interpretive questions, note taking, shared inquiry, shared inquiry discussion
  80 minutes
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