Reflection: Student Ownership The Fire On The Mountain Day 1 - Section 4: Sharing Out


    During this lesson, I wanted student to have ownership of the interpretive question chosen for our Shared Inquiry discussion.  So, I posted the questions on a chart and showed students the most popular interpretive question.  I hindsight, it would have been better not to tabulate the results in front of students in order to add the element of surprise for the Shared Inquiry session.  Having the interpretive question revealed during the day of the Shared Inquiry Session and allowing students to prepare just prior to the session will challenge students to think on their feet.

  Selecting Interpretive Questions
  Student Ownership: Selecting Interpretive Questions
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The Fire On The Mountain Day 1

Unit 9: Shared Inquiry Discussion 2
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT develop interpretive questions.

Big Idea: How do interpretive questions develop flexibility in students' thinking processes and inspire them to analyze ideas critically ?

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English / Language Arts, Collaboration Strategies, shared inquiry, interpretive questions, note taking, pair share, shared inquiry discussion
  80 minutes
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