Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Adding and Subtracting Signed Fractions Using a Procedure - Section 3: Independent Practice & Extension


My students still struggle with fraction addition and subtraction with unlike denominators.  I shouldn't say all but it feels that way.  It is definitely more than half however.  

I see two different approaches that I might consider in the future.  The first is to teach this procedural lesson over at least two days.  One day will include only common denominators.  The next lesson will be unlike denominators where one denominator if a factor of the other, then we'll progress to more difficult unlike denominators.  

The other approach would be to have leveled independent practice for this lesson.  Those who I have screened as struggling with fraction operations will get almost all like denominators.  Those who have mastered fraction addition and subtraction will be able to do the work as is.

  If Your Students are Like Mine
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: If Your Students are Like Mine
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Adding and Subtracting Signed Fractions Using a Procedure

Unit 1: Rational Number Operations
Lesson 24 of 27

Objective: SWBAT add and subtract signed fractions using a procedure

Big Idea: Students use addition and subtraction procedures as a step toward fluency with signed fraction operations.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, procedure, algorithm, adding, subtracting, signed fractions, rational numbers
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