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When my students saw the first page of this lesson they smelled a rat.  They said "we've done this lesson before!"  I asked them to tell me the objective:  SWBAT solve problems involving the volume of composite shapes.  The first page looks just like the surface area of composite shapes page; only the questions have changed to reflect volume.  

After explaining to my students how it saved me time searching for more composite images we got down to work.  

Next time I present this lesson, I will remove the 6 question that guide the students to making sense of the problem.  I will just present the shapes and ask them to explain how they would find the volume.

  Hey! We've Done This Before
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Hey! We've Done This Before
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Volume of Composite Shapes

Unit 6: Geometry
Lesson 34 of 37

Objective: SWBAT solve problems involving the volume of composite shapes

Big Idea: Composite shapes are everywhere in the real world.

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Math, volume (3-D Geom), Geometry, surface area, composite shapes, 7th grade
  30 minutes
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