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I was very pleased to see students make the connection between the work we did with prisms.  They were able to immediately apply it to cylinders.  They even quoted "base times tall fills them all".  I think the earlier work with cubes and finding the "area" of the first layer really helped.  They saw that the base shape of a circle made no difference when finding the volume - expect with determining how to find the area of the base shape. One student even referred to the cylinder as a "circle prism".  This led us to wonder if a cylinder is a type of prism?

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Volume Of Cylinders Using a Formula

Unit 6: Geometry
Lesson 33 of 37

Objective: SWBAT find the volume of cylinders using a formula

Big Idea: Students see that the volume of cylinders is just like the volume of prisms.

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Math, volume (3-D Geom), Geometry, surface area, cylinders, 7th grade
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