Reflection: Student Feedback Read Across America Day: Determining Genre - Section 3: Read, Read, Read!


This was one of those lessons that doesn’t seem like much, but provides a huge pay off. Once again, students received much needed time to simply read and talk about their reading with others. I received immediate feedback on a specific skill while catching up on conferences. During today’s reading time, I listened in on several amazing conversations students were having about their books. It made me want to do this more often! 

  Authentic Conversations
  Student Feedback: Authentic Conversations
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Read Across America Day: Determining Genre

Unit 17: Celebrations throughout the Year
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT determine the genre of multiple texts while reading with partners.

Big Idea: To celebrate Read Across America, we're having a second read in day! While reading with multiple partners, students look for evidence that supports their choice of genre for each book they read.

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English / Language Arts, Genres (Reading), Read Across America Day, partner read, buddy read
  75 minutes
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