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I got surprised!

The movie above reflects my observation on things I saw that surprised me as far as my high end students were concerned. From what I saw in their notebooks and how well they added and regrouped for the most part, I thought they could talk about place value a little more fluently than what I witnessed in their homework. I was really surprised at my higher level students not being as fluent in their understanding as I listened to them talk through one of their homework problems. They could get through their ones place and tens place, but when it came to anything above hundreds place, they got stuck.This was really tough for them! It is my hope as the year progresses and they continue to add, this will come more easily. I will have to continually model as I add or subtract in front of them. I will expect that they talk through any algorithm they are demonstrating or working on in the future, and make this a regular habit as we master demonstration of place value understanding. This is a good place to start with developing their conceptual understanding of the role place value has in addition. The habit of the talking as they are processing their algorithm will soon transfer to the inverse, and strengthen their understanding even more deeply. But, I will be committed to making them "talk it through" as they go to prove fluent understanding.

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: I got surprised!
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Addition: Getting Kids to "Talk Through" Their Regrouping

Unit 10: Addition and Subtraction: Algorithms to One Million
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Objective: SWBAT explain regrouping in a standard algorithm using place value talk.

Big Idea: In this lesson students learn to "talk through" their multi-digit addition. They use technology to help them practice.

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