Reflection: Self-Talk Read Across America Day: Read, Read, Read! - Section 3: Read, Read, Read!


Not only does this lesson give students an uninterrupted time to read, it also gives me a great excuse to catch up on much needed conferring. Testing and make up work have consumed my time lately and I’ve fallen behind in my conferences. I miss listening to students read, checking in on how they’re progressing with specific skills, and seeing what their recent book choices have been.

It also gives students a chance to catch up on their reading logs. I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that students have been neglecting their logs. I know that they are reading, but I haven’t seen the proof on their papers. Reading multiple short texts today gives them several opportunities to add to their logs and gets them excited to complete yet one more. 

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Read Across America Day: Read, Read, Read!

Unit 17: Celebrations throughout the Year
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT read multiple texts with partners while recording their progress on their reading logs.

Big Idea: To celebrate Read Across America, we're holding a read in! Students receive an uninterrupted block of time to read with multiple partners and catch up on their book logs.

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English / Language Arts, Read Across America Day, partner read, buddy read
  75 minutes
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