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Patterns are often taught and learned for the sake of the pattern itself and in some instances this is what the situation requires.  By 3rd grade, it's important for students to see that there are connections (not always direct) between math and what they see, hear, feel and experience in general in the world around them.  Rush hour traffic that they sit in when they ride to pick up their mom from work is a pattern.  The way the clothing or toys are arranged at their favorite store is a pattern.  The times and lengths that their cats or dogs sleep are physiological and also psychological patterns.  Patterns are everywhere, and they are usually not as simplistic as the ABAB color block patterns that are some of the first things students experience.  The world is far more complex, and interesting, than that!  Putting the patterns they are looking for in addition into a backdrop of a much larger world out there that is rich with mathematical patterns that underlie so much of  existence adds a layer of meaning to a task that otherwise can be performed in robotic isolation.

  Making Meaning out of Math
  Relevance: Making Meaning out of Math
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Addition Patterns

Unit 13: Patterns in Math
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Objective: SWBAT to discover and describe addition patterns and choose/create a model to represent their understanding of a pattern's rate of change.

Big Idea: When students make their own meaning out of patterns they learn content through an individualized lens.

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