Reflection: Joy Algorithms for Adding Integers - Section 1: Introduction/Reflections


My classes came in somewhat lethargic today.  I did not want to open the lesson with the somewhat sedate reflection.  Instead I did a cold call activity where I toss the ball to the person being called on.  The rules for the ball are: 1) Only the person called on is allowed to catch the ball (No interceptions); 2) Toss the ball back gently to Mr. Harris after answer the question.

I wrote a number on the board and then asked:

What number can be added to this to get a sum of 0?

I picked a name and then threw the ball to the student answering the question.  (If they seemed too shy or asked me nicely I handed the ball over instead.)  

I repeated this with several different numbers.  

I then tailored the remaining questions to work with this activity.This helped energize the class and get them ready for the algorithms of adding integers.

  Tossing the Ball & Cold Call
  Joy: Tossing the Ball & Cold Call
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Algorithms for Adding Integers

Unit 1: Rational Number Operations
Lesson 5 of 27

Objective: SWBAT evaluate integer sums using an algorithm

Big Idea: We've used number lines and counters to model sums. Now it's time to use the most efficient method for integer sums - the algorithm.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, adding integers, procedure, algorithm, rational numbers
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