Reflection: Intervention and Extension What is the Sign of the Sum? - Section 2: Problem Solving


I asked students to add one thing to questions 1 and 2.  Instead of asking students to only "list the letters of the problems", I also asked them to write the problem.  Even though the information is in the table, this addition made it easier to answer the questions and to see the relationship between the sum of positive and negatives and how their respective magnitudes determine the sign of the sum.

Question 1 as originally written would result in:

C, E, G, H


Compare that to this:

C ) 5 + (-3) = 2

E ) 2 + 4 = 6

G) -5 + 9 = 4

H) 15 + (-9) = 6


I think you agree it is easier to see here that these are composed of sums of positives and negatives - different types of sums. It is much easier than having to parse the table each time. 


  Answering the Questions
  Intervention and Extension: Answering the Questions
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What is the Sign of the Sum?

Unit 1: Rational Number Operations
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Objective: SWBAT determine when the sum of two integers is positive, negative, or zero using counters as a model

Big Idea: Students model sums with counters to create a visual model of when a sum will be positive, negative or zero.

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