Reflection: Modeling Scholastic's Digital Tools - Section 4: Student Work


I feel that this was incredibly successful with my students because we practiced as a whole group before enrichment pull-out started. I planned a typical work page, scheduled time in the lab, and showed both classes how to complete the work. We walked through each step on the work page and explored the digital tools together. I also set an expectation that work should always be completed even when certain features aren’t available. Perhaps the highlighting tool isn’t available – ok, then you use the pen to underline. Both aren’t available? Then write down important facts using a good old-fashioned pen! There’s always a way to be a problem solver and complete the work when technology isn’t cooperating. Having paper copies of this week’s issue in the basket provides a fail-proof way to complete the work even when there are no computers at all!

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Scholastic's Digital Tools

Unit 1: Tips, Tricks, and Tools
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Objective: TWBAT use Scholastic's digital tools to enrich classroom learning.

Big Idea: One way to extend students' reading skills is with digital text practice. Scholastic Magazine's website offers several tools that provide students with valuable practice perfect for lesson extensions.

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English / Language Arts, text features, informational text, digital text, digital tools, Scholastic Magazine, content videos
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