Reflection: Rigor "Trees for Democracy": One Women Can Change the World - Section 3: Building Knowledge: Break Down the Prompt and Build Up the Evidence


This student's chart Pre-Writing for Trees prompt  looks a little weak.  However she has references to all the necessary information. I wanted them to be really specific in their chart because it will make writing easier if the evidence is clearly defined ahead of time. She added some questions at the end of her chart that will help her think though the organization of her essay. She asks three questions that could set up her essay.  I did not require students to consider how the essay would be organized.  I just wanted them to focus on responding to the prompt and using adequate information to develop their essay.  The lack of page numbers and specific passages will slow her down, however I am impressed that she is considering how to organize her response. 

  Rigor: Student Work Pre-Writing Chart
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"Trees for Democracy": One Women Can Change the World

Unit 2: Identity and Culture: Identifying the Central Idea and Evaluating Evidence in Informational Texts
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT conduct pre-writing activities to prepare an argument to a support claim using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence by writing an in-class essay on “Trees for Democracy” by Wangari Matthai.

Big Idea: Students examine the Green Belt Movement's quest to change society and the environment through innovation.

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