Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Using Peer Review to Write-Out Mistakes - Section 2: Using Peer-Review Effectively


Peer-reviewing requires patience and tenacity to see the students though.  Students are rarely all in the same place when it's time to peer-review.  Namely a complete rough draft with all the working parts.  Knowing this I try to pair students accordingly, and also to give them a choice. Ideally, students would have at least two other classmates read their paper as well as someone outside the class. 

Realistically, students have one and a half peer-reviewers. I say half because usually the second reviewer has already read another's paper and they are uninterested and usually paying half-attention.  I've tried to circumvent this ennui by making peer-reviewing as active and as kinesthetic as possible.  I want students to get their paper back and have it look different. I also want them to have a clear as possible road-map to revision and completion of their final draft.  

  Student Led Inquiry: Peer-Reviewing
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Using Peer Review to Write-Out Mistakes

Unit 3: Senior Argumentative Thesis
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT how peer-review can strengthen a persuasive argument.

Big Idea: How can peers help us understand and express our ideas better?

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