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I think what's so interesting about teaching this lesson year after year is seeing the level of student work improve as I refine my practice.  This class has presented several challenges this year, including a high number of novice/inexperienced writers.  Knowing that, I spent more time going over proofreading and formatting with them and it paid off.  I realize that I need to take more time on these detailed aspects of writing.  Students need repeated exposure to the resources available to them, and more than that, they need explicit instruction on how to use those resources. It's not enough to point them in the direction of Purdue O.W.L. as I did the first couple of years I taught, or to go over the Purdue O.W.L. resources as I did in recent years.  

Walking students through the sample paper, page by page while they followed along with their papers helped them understand how to format their paper, but more importantly helped them learn how to use a model to check their own formatting. This seemed like an obvious process to me when I first started teaching, but by taking the extra time to walk them through this process they haven't learned APA, they've learned where to go and which tools to use to format in APA, and this is a much more valuable tool to learn. 

  Teaching Argumentative Thesis
  High Quality Task: Teaching Argumentative Thesis
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Final Draft

Unit 3: Senior Argumentative Thesis
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT determine when a draft is final

Big Idea: When is a draft final and ready to be submitted for grading?

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