Reflection: Standards Alignment Properties of Addition and Multiplication - Section 2: Guided Discussion of Definition of Properties


The commutative property of addition and multiplication is a concept that I constantly refer to in my lessons.  This lesson is a planned and specific focus but it's an idea to which I'm constantly making references or running through a quick example of.  Just as it's important for students to know that the commutative property applies to addition and multiplication, it's equally important that they understand that it does not apply to subtraction and division.  I provide non-examples when appropriate to clarify this, because they need to have experience with it to understand it.

I do discuss that subtraction, which not commutative, does have the property of having a similar answer.  7 - 4 = 3 and 4 - 7 = -3 is a relationship that intrigues some of my students.  

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Properties of Addition and Multiplication

Unit 13: Patterns in Math
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Objective: SWBAT explain these properties in their own words and identify representative equations.

Big Idea: An early introduction to and individualized understanding these properties of multiplication and addition sets a great foundation for higher math!

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