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Technology--specifically taking those on-the-spot pictures and making the students' work their teaching examples--was the saving grace in this lesson.  The kids were so motivated by the chance to have their work displayed for everyone to see and discuss.

I say this because the technology in this lesson is really very simple, and because I will admit that until a couple of years ago, I quietly resisted technology.  In my mind, I knew how to keep the students' attention, and I knew how to be a creative, effective teacher...tacking something I didn't know so well as like playing with fire.

I'm not super-techy at all.  When things don't go well in a non-technology based lesson, I can get through most any situation without even breaking a sweat.  When technology-related things don't work well, however, I have to resist the gut-level feeling of sheer panic.  Things always get worked out, and I honestly cannot think of a single time when the technology was not worth the extra research and practice.  I cannot say it enough:  technology is a powerful way to really increase student engagement and make your lessons come to life!

  The Power of Tech
  The Power of Tech
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Partner Sort it Out!

Unit 6: Sorting is Super!
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT work with a partner to sort shapes in 3 or more different ways.

Big Idea: Once kids get the basics of sorting down--sorting by color, for example, sorting 1 way is what students think of as sorting. This partner activity gets kids working together to see different ways to sort!

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