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As my students discuss what this function might be I learn about how well they understand the connection between a function and its graph.  I also get some insight into which students are still struggling and what misconceptions students might have.  For example, one student suggested that it had to be at least to the fourth power because of the shape but another insisted it couldn't be because he'd tried x^4 and the graph hadn't looked anything like what was on the board.  They continued to argue until a third student suggested that maybe it was a fourth power with extra parts to it.  This got all three of them trying variations on x^4.  Eventually one student shared a graph that had a second curve and they all redoubled their efforts, drawing in most of the other students who also began working with fourth power equations.  They were still working on it when class ended, so I encouraged them to continue by offering extra credit to anyone who could bring a working function to class tomorrow.  If they're still struggling a bit then, I'll show them how to create a similar function using zeros.

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Happy Endings

Unit 8: Interpreting Functions
Lesson 10 of 19

Objective: SWBAT graph polynomial functions and show end behavior.

Big Idea: Happiness often depends on what happens in the end, so pay close attention to this lesson about end behavior for your own "happy endings".

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