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If you've never turned the tables on your students and let them teach you (while you act the part of a new student) you should try it sometime.  It's not appropriate for every lesson, but this material is somewhat review, which makes it ideal for students to take charge.  They always have a blast and the more confused I act, the more they work to make sure I understand.  Some of the questions I ask in my role of "clueless" student are "So you're saying that end behavior is what happens to the edges of a graph?  So what happens if the edge isn't on my calculator screen?" and "So if the line to the very farthest right I can see just keeps going up, how do I know it won't change again further on?" and "But if the graph just stops like for square root of x, what is the end behavior - there is no end?"  You can choose to continue these kinds of questions as long as you feel appropriate - I usually stop when my students either begin to get exasperated with me, or when they've given a clear picture of end behavior.

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Happy Endings

Unit 8: Interpreting Functions
Lesson 10 of 19

Objective: SWBAT graph polynomial functions and show end behavior.

Big Idea: Happiness often depends on what happens in the end, so pay close attention to this lesson about end behavior for your own "happy endings".

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