Reflection: Homework Seashells & Benchmark Fractions, Measuring and Creating a Line Plot: Combining Science & Math - Section 4: Developing a Presentation of their Line Plot Through Technology


The presentation of homework the next day revealed that student's didn't really understand how to present their data about their shells. I think this lesson in measuring and plotting the data was enough for this group of students and I extended them out too far by having them interpret the data too. I think if I took a whole team of above grade level achieving students, I could get the quality presentations I had hoped for.

Two students presented to two different groups of senior citizens right in our classroom on the SB using Apple TV. There was spelling errors and presentation errors that didn't follow the format they had been assigned in the SB lesson. I think they needed more guidance and probably an example of my own work giving them an idea of what it should look like and sound like. Needless to say, eveyone else was shy about their presentations and I had to look at them during a reading conference period.I will be tweeking how this homework is presented or integrate it into a writing lesson.

Always learning, always adjusting!

  Homework results and reflection
  Homework: Homework results and reflection
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Seashells & Benchmark Fractions, Measuring and Creating a Line Plot: Combining Science & Math

Unit 3: Graphing and Data
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT measure a set of objects using standard measurement and create a line plot using the data.

Big Idea: Teams of students measure seashells in inches and practice identifying benchmark fractions in measurement. They create a line plot with this data and learn to analyze the data using the plot.

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