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There have been so many times I've felt that I need a set of buzzers for my classroom. Like the ones they have on Jeopardy. As I was having the kids play "Introduction Idol," the judges tended to get goofy and just yell until my other students stopped reading their essay. Any time I try to play a whole-class game with my kids (and they are engaged), the noise level gets really loud and I don't feel confident about the learning because there are so many answers shouted and it's kind of chaos.

If I had a buzzer system like on Jeopardy, there would be both a signal of an answer and a cue for my students to get quiet. I know this sounds silly, but there have been so many times I've wanted a bell or buzzer system to pull out in instances like this.

  I Really Need a Classroom Buzzer
  Student Communication: I Really Need a Classroom Buzzer
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Introduction Idol!

Unit 3: Exposition and Expository Writing
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT explore different introductions and hooks to see what is engaging for audiences.

Big Idea: By looking at mentor and exemplar texts, students notice introductions and hooks and play Introduction Idol! to find the best hook!

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