Reflection: Real World Applications Narrative Poetry Day Four: Publishing Your Poem - Section 3: Going Google: We Publish Our Poems


As we rely more and more on technological tools and applications it's important that we take our students with us.  Allowing the students as many opportunities as I can to incorporate technology by publishing work, researching, and communicating will help them with many skills far beyond the walls of the school.

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Narrative Poetry Day Four: Publishing Your Poem

Unit 6: Ancient Greece, Dragons, Gods, and Giants!
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Objective: SWBAT publish a digital copy of their narrative poem including an illustration or display (background color, fonts, etc.) that enhances their poem, is edited and free of errors, and is organized and neat in appearance.

Big Idea: Publish final copies of narrative poem as a document on Google Drive

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English / Language Arts, publishing, technology, google, documents, narrative poem, third grade, poetry writing
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narrative poems day four
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