Reflection: Rigor Surface Area of Composite Shapes With Holes - Section 2: Introduction to Problems


This reflection is similar to that of the previous lesson.  Instead of providing a list of guided questions to help students make sense of the problems on the first page of the resource, I'll just present the shapes and ask student to explain what they would have to do to find the surface area of the shape.  

I will probably skip the previous section of the lesson; this section can takes its place.  Enough rich conversation should come from this alone.

 The questions currently listed in the resource will be removed but will remain in the lesson notes of the teacher to help guide the discussion as needed.

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Surface Area of Composite Shapes With Holes

Unit 6: Geometry
Lesson 27 of 37

Objective: SWBAT find the surface area of composite shapes with holes

Big Idea: These problems rehire a solid (ha ha ha) understanding of surface area.

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Math, volume (3-D Geom), Geometry, surface area, composite shapes, 7th grade
  45 minutes
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