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This was a very social math lesson.  A lot of interaction happened here.  For social learners, this is really nice, as having peer interaction be a main focus of a math lesson isn't typical for me.  We always have some social aspect to math, but having social learning as the main learning style was kind of refreshing!  It was a bit of a struggle for more reserved learners, but it reminded me of the importance of learning together.  I will be sure to incorporate more partner learning in my lessons.

  Social Learning
  Social Learning
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Same Game

Unit 6: Sorting is Super!
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT show examples of "same" and "different."

Big Idea: Before students can sort objects, they need to know the concepts "same" and "different," which can be tricky in the beginning in kindergarten. This foundational lesson provides concrete opportunities to practice and social learning opportunities.

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22same 22 blocks
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