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The resource includes items similar to what will be assessed.  Fortunately, students are able to do these tests on computers.  This year we brought in over 90 Chrome Books.  That allowed me to save paper, have problems scored immediately - instead of having to run bubble sheets through a scanner, and provided students with immediate feedback.  

I still expect my students to work problems out on paper when taking tests.  Otherwise, how can I diagnose any problems they may be having?

The other nice thing about the computer assignment is that I can re-assign the quiz immediately for any student who just missed mastery, but appears ready for another try.

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Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders Assessment

Unit 6: Geometry
Lesson 23 of 37

Objective: Students will be able to take an assessment on the surface area of prisms and cylinders;

Big Idea: Doesn't everyone love a test?

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Math, surface area, Geometry, circumference (Determining Measurements), pi, circles, assessment, test, 7th grade
  45 minutes
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