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I teach two groups per day.  Each group generally receives the same lesson though sometimes changes occur based on the needs of the group academically or culturally.  Sometimes they are based on what I personally feel I need to accomplish with the groups.

The first group did the review problems on whiteboards with dry erase markers.  I found it hard to keep the pace moving while making sure I checked my targeted group of students. So when the second group came in I put the whiteboards away.  

The students worked out their problems on paper.  They were still expected to work with their group and come to a consensus about the correct answer.  However, the paper trail made it much easier for me to track the actual work of the students.


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  Checks for Understanding: Whiteboards Away
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Practice Day: Surface Area of Prisms & Cylinders

Unit 6: Geometry
Lesson 22 of 37

Objective: SWBAT solve problems involving the surface area of prisms and cylinders

Big Idea: Whiteboard practice! No new material except for a few composite figures made from prisms and cylinders.

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