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In hands-on lessons like this it is possible to get so excited and involved in the activity that one loses sight of the underlying standards.  It's important to state the objective in all lessons but in a lesson series like this it's especially important that students are directly reminded of the math focus of their activity.A 

Shape definitions are deceptively easy.  That is why so many people still think of squares and rectangles as mutually exclusive when, of course, we know that a square is just a special type of rectangle with 4 equal sides.  It's a category within a category.

This layering of categories is complicated and it is worth continual conversation.  Let's look at the definition of a parallelogram, for example.  A parallelogram has 2 sets of parallel sides, with the opposite sides being of equal lengths (and the opposite angles are equal in size).  A parallelogram can be divided into a (right) triangle and a trapezoid.  A rhombus is a parallelogram with four equal sides.  While we usually think of a rhombus as  "diamond" shape, (2 acute and 2 obtuse triangles), the definition of a rhombus actually doesn't specify this.  A "kite" has 2 sets of parallel sides w/2 acute and 2 obtuse angles.  All kites are rhombuses.  All rhombuses are not kites.  All squares are rhombuses.  All rhombuses are not squares.

Prior to teaching shapes, I make sure I have a reference list handy!

  Shared Attributes and Category Definitions
  Standards Alignment: Shared Attributes and Category Definitions
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Great Buildings of the World: Create Your Own! (Day 1)

Unit 11: Geometry in Architecture
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT create buildings using different combinations of 3D solids, applying their understanding of faces comprised of simple polygons.

Big Idea: Creating their own building is a hands-on, minds-on way for students to explore how polygons create 3D solids.

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Math, Geometry, engineering
  65 minutes
40sia siena  piazza del campo palazzo pubblico
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