Reflection: Organizational Systems Introduction to Senior Argumentative Thesis - Section 3: Introduction to the Assignment


When I first started this project I would give the students a new part of the assignment as they completed the last.  I quickly learned that this was a mistake. Students thought they were finished with the paper only to discover there was a new part, students had to leave suddenly and came back to class behind, and students were simply overwhelmed. When I gave students the entire project (and added some new parts) I was empowering them to plan their lives around the project and to have a better sense of the detail and scope of what I was requiring.  As a result the quality of the papers improved, and I was better able to help students  write what was the lengthiest, most involved paper of the year. 

Additionally, the deadline became negotiating tools for both the students and myself as we navigated the last months of school. Suddenly they were practicing a different mode of argumentation, something I like to point out to them as we negotiated.  They were also taking ownership of the deadlines and there was no questions as to whether or not they had enough time or not, graduation was looming! 

I've begun to enjoy this project more and more as I refine the steps and learn from student input. It's a project that's constantly evolving as new technologies become available, for example, our district shift to Google apps. I have a feeling that in five more years this project will not necessarily look the same as it does now.

  How to Introduce a Major Project
  Organizational Systems: How to Introduce a Major Project
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Introduction to Senior Argumentative Thesis

Unit 3: Senior Argumentative Thesis
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Objective: SWBAT identify different modes of argumentation.

Big Idea: What are the different types of argument?

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