Reflection: ELL Students Use Google Drive for a Great Shapes and Building Activity! - Section 2: Active Engagement


There is sometimes a misconception that in order for differentiation to occur, student groups need to be working on visibly different activities.  This is not the case.

In this activity, the content is easily manipulated to meet the needs of the struggling, English language learner (not the same as struggling), on-level and above-level student.

Below level students can be supported in several ways:

tech assistance or decrease of tech requirements (provide printed building photo)

ask them to look for only quadrilaterals and triangles

focus on characteristics of quadrilaterals

Above level students can be accelerated by asking them what 2 dimensional shapes they see making up a 3 d solid.  For example, in the photograph of the library in Belarus (in the demo ppt), students might say that they see trapezoids, triangles and rectangles making up an unknown 3d solid.  The panels that appear to be triangular at the top are actually quadrilaterals but appear triangular because of the angle of the photograph.  This is not an important distinction.

  Differentiation by Product
  ELL Students: Differentiation by Product
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Use Google Drive for a Great Shapes and Building Activity!

Unit 11: Geometry in Architecture
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT find simple mathematical patterns in architecture and examine the ways in which different 2D shapes and 3D solids interact with one another to create new polygons and 3 dimensional solids.

Big Idea: Learning the names and attributes of polygons while looking at buildings of the world will make them unforgettable!

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