Reflection: Trust and Respect To Your Health! - Section 1: Set the Stage


One aspect of presenting students with real-world challenges is that sometimes the topics are more sensitive than I anticipate.  With this topic I had one student who was initially very vocal about vaccinations in general, telling his classmates that the government shouldn't be able to tell people what shots to get.  Because we're a small school where everyone knows each other it's been easier to establish a culture of trust and respect in my classroom, so this student was not subjected to any negative comments. When he saw that he could speak his piece, he seemed satisfied and was willing to participate in the remainder of the lesson without any more comments about the government.  In fact, he and his partner agreed with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggestions for the flu vaccine, saying it was important to help save lives and since the CDC didn't require the vaccine, it was okay.

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  Trust and Respect: Engaging topics
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To Your Health!

Unit 12: Probability
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT apply principles of probability to make good decisions about medical procedures.

Big Idea: Do you really need to get that shot? Look at the probabilities to help make a decision

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Math, Statistics, Probability and Simulation, Algebra II, probability, master teacher project, 11th Grade
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