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I took a risk in setting up this lesson because it assumes student understanding of the internet and how to search for reliable information.  One team needed help getting started so I suggested they search using key words or phrases directly from the handout.  Another team's flu shot research led them to ask how to check a source.  I advised them to look for sponsorship of the site, for contributors, and for links to any other sources.  They determined for themselves to accept the Global Research based on the fact that it is a non-profit site without specific links to other organizations.  I think they were also intrigued by the fact that it is based in Canada.  I asked how being non-profit made it reliable, using wikipedia as an example, and they responded that a lot of good information is available on wiki!  While I may not entirely agree with their logic, I appreciate the fact that they're taking this assignment seriously enough to do background work on one of their sources.  Since technical reading/writing are cross-curricular subjects I could probably post a Language Arts standard for this lesson as well as math.

  Relevance: Useful math?
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To Your Health!

Unit 12: Probability
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT apply principles of probability to make good decisions about medical procedures.

Big Idea: Do you really need to get that shot? Look at the probabilities to help make a decision

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Math, Statistics, Probability and Simulation, Algebra II, probability, master teacher project, 11th Grade
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