Reflection: Student Ownership To Your Health! - Section 3: Wrap It Up


Most students went with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) information and expressed the opinion that everyone who can should get a flu shot to protect themselves and those around them.  One team, featured in my reflection for the previous section, chose to recommend against the flu vaccine.  Their opinion piece had all the required components and was fairly well written.  I selected it because they make a statement that the CDC "claim fewer hospital visits" then go on to question the validity of the data.  They suggest that maybe the fewer visits were due to some other factors, like the severity of the flu during the time or economic factors reducing or increasing visits.  These students clearly took this assignment to a higher level by not only collecting information and data, but by challenging what they collected.  That's definitely an important aspect of being a good mathematician!

  Student Ownership: Taking data seriously
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To Your Health!

Unit 12: Probability
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT apply principles of probability to make good decisions about medical procedures.

Big Idea: Do you really need to get that shot? Look at the probabilities to help make a decision

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Math, Statistics, Probability and Simulation, Algebra II, probability, master teacher project, 11th Grade
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