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I created this worksheet with several vocabulary words that are still popular (non-fiction and fiction), but that the Common Core State Standards are looking to change this to make our vocabularies a bit more precise.

There is an emphasis to use the word 'literature' to describe narratives, drama, and poetry, while books that teach us facts about the world around us are 'informational texts,' a term that encompasses content area texts (like science, social studies, and history texts, biographies, and a host of other texts that teach us informational about the world).

These are the new vocabulary words that I added to the worksheet (which is attached in materials) that use this revised vocabulary.

  Flexibility: Changes to the worksheet
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Hunting For Good Books!

Unit 2: Introduction to 2nd grade - Literature has Story Elements
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT recognize literature and informational text structure to help them select a book of interest.

Big Idea: So many choices of books! Understand the features so they can choose a good book!

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