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The ability to ask relevant questions does not come naturally, as those of us who teach primary school know well.  At this age they are starting to finally move away from the tendency to tell personal stories when asked if there are any questions.  Does this sound familiar?

Teacher: "Who can tell me what Fern did after Wilber moved to Mr. Zuckermans?"

Student: "I saw a pig once at the fair.  It was white and had brown spots.  I thought all pigs were pink.  I also heard that they were smart so I asked it to sit but it didn't.  So I don't know if they are smart.  I also saw some goats..."

This is a bit less likely to occur in a math lesson than in other subject areas, but still, asking questions instead of sharing what they know is very much a skill that still needs to be practiced!  It is to this end that I provided the question sheet as an aid.  It is especially helpful to my English language learners who are still working with word order in questions.  

This activity does not run itself.  It is incumbent upon me to circulate and confer with students to facilitate a conversation that volleys back and forth between the two students.  Often, students will answer these questions with one word.  In this case, I prompt them with a question stem and then have them repeat their answer in a complete sentence.


s1:  How many intersecting sides does your shape have?

s2:  all

Teacher:  This triangle has....

s2:  This triangle has all intersecting sides.

Teacher:  This triangle has (how many) intersecting sides?  or

All ____ sides on this triangle intersect.  

  Supporting Meaningful Dialogue
  ELL Students: Supporting Meaningful Dialogue
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Polygons - Explore the Possibilities

Unit 11: Geometry in Architecture
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT answer literal, complex, and open-ended questions questions about individually created polygons and debate their answers with classmates.

Big Idea: Online drawing programs allow students to explore many possibilities with polygons!

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