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This is the first time I taught this lesson and it was a learning process for me.  First I thought it could be incorporated in with the lesson I taught the day before.  Why I thought this, I will never know, once I tried teaching it, I realized this is a separate lesson.  I also learned that even though my plans were for my more advanced students to read to my less independent students, it would have been better had I read with the beginning readers, and pair my high and middle readers together.  This way I would have been able to help my beginning readers with further explanations and by modeling. 

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Close Reading for Better Understanding

Unit 14: Snails: Fact and Fiction, or, Information and Literary
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Objective: SWBAT use text dependent questions as a guide to close reading to further analyze the character and events in a literary story.

Big Idea: Which came first the questions or the answers? In this activity your students will discover how to use the questions to get to the answers.

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