Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Story Problems: Draw It - Section 4: Independent Practice


Roaming the room and observing students as they complete the independent practice portion of the lesson is a perfect time to set up safety nets and support students before they practice the skill too many times incorrectly.

It's also a good time to assess whether you should move on to something more challenging the next day or if the lesson should be retaught.

  Independent practice it the time to catch problems
  Adjustments to Practice: Independent practice it the time to catch problems
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Story Problems: Draw It

Unit 2: It All Adds Up!
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT to accurately draw out a story problem by using dots to represent the objects.

Big Idea: Kindergarteners need to learn to do everything in stages. This lesson focuses solely on the listening and drawing out of a word problem.

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