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Sometimes there are children who do not like the idea of being challenged.  They fear failure already at an early age.  Part of my goal is to let them feel confident in whatever they produce.  When the children no longer fear failure, and they feel comfortable with the task, their work improves.  I had one little girl who cried because she got frustrated.  She expected to draw a perfect star on her first attempt.  When the para pro came into the room, I had her sit with the student a walk her through the steps again until she no longer needed assistance.  The end product that they do for the assessment, shows me what the children got from the drawing lesson; however, when they cut out their star, it usually doesn't look much like a star afterward!

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Listen, Learn, Draw

Unit 4: The Very Busy Author--Eric Carle
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Objective: SWBAT carefully listen to directions and draw a star. Student Objective: I can learn to draw a star by listening to directions.

Big Idea: Kindergarten students love to draw stars once they learn how. This listening lesson takes time, but the children feel so accomplished when we are done.

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