Reflection: Coherence Counting Strategies: Arrays - Section 2: Direct Instruction


Most kids to do not come into the classroom with a natural way of organizing objects for counting. They don't think to move the objects, cross them out, or number them in order to keep track.

Teaching them counting strategies is simply teaching them to organize the objects and their thinking. The learning in this activity can bridge over into many other academic areas. When planning lessons, keep the big picture in mind: How will the kids be able to use this skill in the future? Don't keep it isolated to the subject matter being taught either. Think out side of the box and think about how the skill can be applied in other subject areas as well as life.

  Coherence: Having a way to organize
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Counting Strategies: Arrays

Unit 5: Make It Count!
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Objective: SWBAT use a variety of strategies to count objects in an array.

Big Idea: Kindergarteners often struggle with keeping track of objects while they count. This lesson shows kids different strategies to keep track of objects while they count.

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