Reflection: Essay Writing Final Writing Assignment for “Hills Like White Elephants” - Section 2: Writing Session


This is the last of a series of short writing assignments meant to serve some purposes. One purpose is to give students an opportunity to develop the writing stamina the Common Core calls for. Another purpose is clearly to help them improve their writing. I am seeing significant development in their writing skills. They are making arguments and their writing is beginning to flow nicely. This student’s topic sentence, for example, is quite good. He moves on and does a good job of explaining and supporting the claim he is making in his topic sentence. This other student also wrote a paragraph that sounds like a solid discussion of an important aspect of this short story. I provided a ton of support for students as they worked to formulate a written response to this story and I believe that they absolutely need multiple sources of support if they are to improve their writing. Students need to learn how to edit, how to provide feedback, and how to evaluate writing. They also need multiple opportunities to talk to someone about their ideas and their writing.

  Essay Writing: Final Drafts
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Final Writing Assignment for “Hills Like White Elephants”

Unit 5: Modernist Literature
Lesson 17 of 17

Objective: SWBAT improve their draft by following the feedback received the day before.

Big Idea: A minimun day is perfect for the final touches to a writing assignment.

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