Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Modeling Using Trig Functions - Section 1: Modeling Using Trig


-  One common error that students were making was in question 2, part b. Many students were answering that they would be at a height of 40 feet. They often forgot to add in the 5 feet that they were off the ground before the ride even started. When I would see student’s mistakes I would let them know they were wrong, but would leave it to them and their team to figure out why.

-  I also found it helpful to have graph paper on hand for students to complete question 5. Many students didn’t feel there was enough room on the paper to successfully graph this and using graph paper of course leads to much more precise graphs.

- Students will need to know how to calculate the circumference of circle in questions 7 and 8.

- I would recommend chunking this lesson by giving students set time limits for each problem. I gave my students 15 minutes for the Ferris wheel problem, 10 minutes for the breathing problem, and 5 minutes for the swing problem. Then I spent the additional 10 minutes in between reviewing selected answers.

  Improving Today's Lesson
  Adjustments to Practice: Improving Today's Lesson
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Modeling Using Trig Functions

Unit 8: Cyclical Patterns and Periodic Functions
Lesson 7 of 15

Objective: SWBAT to model a situation using sinusoidal curves.

Big Idea: Students work together to model three different situations using trigonometric functions.

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Math, Trigonometric functions, modeling, PreCalculus, real world applications
  50 minutes
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