Reflection: ELL Students Verb Tenses: Present, Past, and Future - Section 2: Independent Practice


This lesson is particularly important for my English language learners, the majority of my class. While they understood the concept of adding –ed for the past tense, they often added it to verbs that did not take that ending. An example is the word had. Many students write (and say) haded, as in She haded to go to the doctor. After this lesson, I would hear students self-correct or correct each other. This let me know they had internalized the lesson.

  ELL Students: Self-Correction
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Verb Tenses: Present, Past, and Future

Unit 12: Parts of Speech
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Objective: SWBAT form and use the simple verb tenses by creating their own sentences.

Big Idea: English language learners often need explicit instruction in the verb tenses. Students use technology to practice this important skill.

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